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Sustainability! Who’s in?

Who wants to learn how to grow their own food, given the plants to grow their own food, and then eat the food grown by their own plants?

Clermont Farmer shares produce and sustainability with his community


Once a month, I open up my farm for the community to tour, learn how to grow their own food and take home plants to grow themselves. 

Join me on August 28, 9 am 9100 Sams Lake Road, Clermont FL 34715.

Banks standing and smiling for a headshot in a suit with arms crossed

Banks Helfrich

Candidate for Florida House,
District 25

As a native Floridian, I love this state. As a resident of South Lake County, I love farming and teaching sustainability to this community. As a Candidate for State House, I love finding solutions to the issues of our time.

I'm With Banks!

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Sun rising behind tree on foggy morning with colorful sky and fence on farm

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