The Problem

Why is our country so divided? Where did our trust in politicians go? Where is our compassion for each other?
Our representatives have stopped working together. Our freedoms have whittled down to fewer and fewer. Political affiliation matters more than friendships, family, democracy, and even our planet. We struggle to come together and solve the most common-sense problems.
Our toxic two-party mantra of "win at any cost" has deepened our distrust in the institutions on which our country was built. We are disgusted with our own government, and many of us don’t care anymore.
Why would anyone run for office?

Banks standing in a field on a farm during a foggy morning with his hands in his pocket

The Solution

We come together, again. We do the people’s work, again. We listen to one another, again. We value independent scientific thinking, again. Our differences will not break us, they will make us.

Together, we intentionally work towards a government for all, preserve our democracy for all, and ensure a sustainable planet for all.

I am an Independent who cares about every individual issue, who cares about managing development, who cares about solving our mental health epidemic, who cares about less laws and more freedoms, who cares about finding solutions to the unaffordable crises bestowed upon this state, who cares about our planet and above all who cares about you.

I am not a Democrat OR Republican. I am an Independent. I look for consensus. I do not vote party. I vote people.

The Issues



Quality of life

Quality of Life



Mental health


Economic development

Economic Development

Meet Banks Helfrich

As a native Floridian, I love this state. As a resident of South Lake County, I love farming and teaching sustainability to this community. As a Candidate for State House, I love finding solutions to the issues of our time.

Above all, as an Independent, I will work solely for you and not a political party.

Banks standing and smiling for a headshot in a suit with arms crossed

I'm With Banks!

The News

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Sun rising behind tree on foggy morning with colorful sky and fence on farm

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