Economic Development / Environmental Preservation

Over 1000 people are moving to Florida everyday. The number one reason is because of our climate. I will ensure smart economic growth with managed environmental preservation. I will advocate for solution based technology, industrial manufacturing, and hospitality as vital components of economic growth. I am committed to cultivating local economic opportunities in industries that will be sustainable in the future and lead to financial prosperity for all. So, let’s collaborate economically and environmentally.

Equitable / Individual Education

I support equitable school choice, equitable teacher pay and equitable state educational funding. I will secure Florida's future by removing "politics" from the classroom allowing our teachers to TEACH and students to learn according to their natural talents and abilities. I support vocational and technical training. Strengthening vocational and technical training programs will require collaboration between educators, job creators and the community at large.

Mental / Emotional Health

Together, we can support mental health awareness and, most importantly, address the stigmas associated with behavioral and mental health issues. I support proven mental and emotional health programs for early education, high school, senior citizens and our VETS. I will advocate for more mental and emotional health treatment accessibility.

Term Limits

I am committed to advocating term limits for all politicians to ensure that they are working for the people and not their personal or party interests. Term limits encourage new faces and fresh ideas, which promotes transparency and discourages corruption.
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