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Let Land Be Land

This year’s ballot will have another Public Lands Acquisition Referendum. How about we put land aside for observation, conservation, and preservation?
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The Art of Showing Up

Before it was socially acceptable to place “matter”, we cared about our families, our neighbors, our community, our state our nation and our planet.
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Sun rising behind tree on foggy morning with colorful sky and fence on farm

How I Battled My Mental Health Demons

We know someone as we're living in this new world of heightened emotions that's dealing with loss, aloneness, and desperation. Or, that someone is us.
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Food Insecurity, What is the Solution?

Traditional farm fields and pastures have been eliminated from the picture almost entirely. Grocery aisles have been planted instead of farm rows.
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Disagreeing and Getting Along

We need to be quiet enough to hear other’s opinions. We need to be quiet enough to hear our own thoughts. We give advice as well as receive it.
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Banks crouched in the forest in overalls

Think Big

If we find the fortitude to acknowledge the genius in each other, invite all to the table, and think big, real change is attainable.
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Wildflowers near some trees

Florida wildflowers we are adding to “Here on the Farm”

In our continuous quest to enhance the natural beauty and sustainability of our farm, we've recently decided on an exciting initiative.
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Corn stalks in sunlight line up along the edge of a field of crop lines that lead to a farmhouse

This is what CIVILITY looks like.

Small farmer, native Floridian, and champion for political CIVILITY – the act of attacking issues rather than people.
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Close up of a grain absorbing rays from the sun as it sets in the background

Sustainability! Who’s in?

"Who wants to learn how to grow their own food, given the plants to grow their own food and then eat the food grown by their own plants?
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A farmer checking his plants in the afternoon sun

Stories Are The Glue Of Our Community

A Letter to You, my Neighbors! I am pivoting and asking you to go on this adventure with me.
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A microscopic view of broccoli with some water droplets on it


CIVILITY is the New Path Ahead. See our list of how to bring more civility to the political conversation on the local, state and federal levels.
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A mantis being held as it looks outward towards a sunny landscape of a pond surrounded by grass and plants

People Are The Stories

As a candidate, I feel I have a legitimate purpose to meet people which parallels with my human nature of connecting with others.
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A beautiful landscape view of a lake at sunrise with a colorful sky

One Letter Separates Us?

Civility is the New Path Ahead!
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Trees at Sam's Lake at dawn on a foggy morning

Let’s Talk CIVILITY!

CIVILITY is the New Path Ahead. Join BANKS for Florida House.
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Banks smiling with a landscape of sunshine on a pond surrounded by vegetation

For Immediate Release

Civility is the New Path Ahead - Banks for Florida House
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Plant leaves pointing upward and touching at the end where the sun is in the background

Civility, What Happened?

I remember when red and blue were integral colors of the American flag, before they became political and ideological dividing lines.
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I'm With Banks!