Meet Banks

Banks Helfrich

Independent Farmer

As a native Floridian, I love this state. As a resident of South Lake County, I love farming and teaching sustainability to this community. As a Candidate for State House, I love finding solutions to the issues of our time.

Above all, as an Independent, I will work solely for you and not a political party.

Banks Helfrich smiling for a headshot while wearing a suit

Why I Am Running

In 2016, 63 of 120 Florida State Representatives were unopposed. Democracy works only when we participate.

Imagine having your Representative come to you instead of you going to them. Imagine calling your Representative, and he actually picks up and listens to your concerns.

Why You Should Vote

I am running to give South Lake County a sensible alternative. I am running because your concerns are my concerns. I am running because problem-solving begins with you.

I am running because WE can do BETTER.

Banks holding soil while working on a farm


IN Community

  • Downtown Clermont Mainstreet Partners
  • Florida Farm Bureau Lake County
  • Groveland Historical Society
  • Kiwanis Club of Clermont
  • Lake County Beekeepers
  • Lake Permaculture
  • Mascotte/Groveland Garden Club Vice President
  • Solutions Networking Clermont
  • South Lake Art League
  • South Lake Chamber of Commerce
  • South Lake Connect

OF Community

  • Native Floridian, Born in Tarpon Springs
  • Independent Farmer/Teacher of Sustainability

WITH Community

  • City of Groveland Strategic Board Eco-agrarian
  • Food Providers 2023-present
  • Keep Lake Beautiful Committee 2023-present

FOR Community

  • Candidate for Florida State House, District 25
  • Lake County Soil & Water Conservation District, Chairperson 2018-2022

I'm With Banks!

The News

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Sun rising behind tree on foggy morning with colorful sky and fence on farm

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