CIVILITY. What happened?

Tree I remember when red and blue were integral colors of the American flag, before they became political and ideological dividing lines, before each claimed to be the only “home team,” and before they prevented us from civilly engaging with each other.

CIVILITY. What is it?

  • CIVILITY is being and seeing the AMERICAN in each of us instead of red or blue.
  • CIVILITY is families COMING TOGETHER instead of holding grudges.
  • CIVILITY is being HEARD without being hurt, SHARING without shouting, UNITING instead of fighting.
  • CIVILITY is predicated upon putting the human back into HUMANITY and HUMANITY back into government.
  • CIVILITY is creating a space where we can be political, AND compassionate, AND considerate, AND above all KIND at the same time.
Top of a pineapple

CIVILITY. How do we bring it back?

Ray of light through blades of grass

The current political vitriol of pitting “us” against “them” is unsustainable and obstructing our prosperity as a civilization. It is literally killing us. Americans are dying because of political differences, on both sides.

This is why I am running for the Florida House of Representatives. My ALLEGIANCE is not to a red, or a blue, or a party. It is to YOU, the CITIZEN.

I am running because CIVILITY is the
New Path Ahead.

BANKS for Florida House

Our Platform

Let’s be Green

While red and blue fight over whose color is better, I believe GREEN is the color of NOW. The GREEN that ensures we have a clean environment worth living in and the GREEN that results from economic growth is inextricably the same GREEN.
Let’s COLLABORATE economically and environmentally!

Let’s All Vote

I believe “We the People” is the foundation of our democracy. Our right to vote is vital to representative government and keeping “We the People” as the focus sustains our democracy. That is why I am FOR unrestricted voting rights for all eligible citizens, which makes it fair and accessible for everyone to participate in our democracy.
Let’s All VOTE!

Let’s Keep Government Local

Big government overreach restricts freedoms and liberties. Keeping government decision making local allows citizens to be heard and seen with immediacy.
Let’s Govern LOCALLY!

Let’s Give Voters a Choice

In 2016, over half of all State House incumbents were unopposed. In 2018, I became Lake County Soil Water Conservation District Supervisor. Now, I am running for Florida State House of Representatives to give voters another choice outside of the two-party system. I will meet, talk, and listen to all voters of the district regardless of political affiliation. Only together can our voices become the conduit of civil change.
Let’s have CHOICES!

Let’s let Teachers Teach

The role of government is to create a safe and secure life for its citizens while allowing equal opportunity for all. The role of representatives is to legislate a better and safer society. And the role of teachers is to teach. Let’s get politics out of the classroom and let teachers do what they do best.
Let Teachers TEACH!

Let’s Expand Medicaid

I am FOR expanding Medicaid to allow an estimated 1,362,000 more Floridians to be covered.
Let’s get WELL!