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  • giving without an agenda.
  • clarity.
  • being accountable for your words and actions.
  • finding the best outcome in any situation.
  • a $50 word for kindness.
  • finding something good in everyone regardless of how long it takes.
  • the glue of society.
  • respecting others even if you disagree with their beliefs.
  • following the rules when playing a game.
  • waving back after someone lets you in.
  • moving off the sidewalk so the wheelchair driver can get by.
  • refraining from interrupting someone who is talking.
  • allowing others to be passionate about issues you do not agree with.
  • finding the purple in each of us.
  • listening first, thinking second and talking third.

CIVILITY is the New Path Ahead.

Banks standing and smiling for a headshot in a suit with arms crossed

Banks Helfrich

Candidate for Florida House,
District 25

As a native Floridian, I love this state. As a resident of South Lake County, I love farming and teaching sustainability to this community. As a Candidate for State House, I love finding solutions to the issues of our time.

I'm With Banks!

The News

Corn stalks in sunlight line up along the edge of a field of crop lines that lead to a farmhouse

This is what CIVILITY looks like.

Small farmer, native Floridian, and champion for political CIVILITY – the act of attacking issues rather than people.
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Close up of a grain absorbing rays from the sun as it sets in the background

Sustainability! Who’s in?

"Who wants to learn how to grow their own food, given the plants to grow their own food and then eat the food grown by their own plants?
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A farmer checking his plants in the afternoon sun

Stories Are The Glue Of Our Community

A Letter to You, my Neighbors! I am pivoting and asking you to go on this adventure with me.
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