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For Immediate Release

Clermont, FL – Today, Native Floridian and Lake County Soil Water Conservation District Chairperson, Banks Helfrich announced his candidacy for Florida House of Representatives, District 32.

Small farmer, performance artist, filmmaker, and children’s entertainer, Banks believes civility is the New Path Ahead.

“The current political vitriol of pitting ‘us’ against ‘them’ is unsustainable and obstructing our prosperity as a civilization. We need to start talking to each other and above all listening.”

As a performance artist, Banks brings people together of different beliefs, moderates a discussion on topics of our times and when it becomes tense, he turns on music, and everyone dances.

September 8, 2021



(407) 616-9720

Banks standing and smiling for a headshot in a suit with arms crossed

Banks Helfrich

Candidate for Florida House,
District 25

As a native Floridian, I love this state. As a resident of South Lake County, I love farming and teaching sustainability to this community. As a Candidate for State House, I love finding solutions to the issues of our time.

I'm With Banks!

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Banks crouched in the forest in overalls

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