A woman reached out to me on “Elect BANKS for Florida House” Facebook Messenger to ask, “ Is Banks a Republican?” Within 12 hours, I responded, “Banks is a NPA – Non Party Affiliation. Banks is not a Republican.” 

I was told by a political consultant that some people vote for a party instead of a candidate. He called it party politics. 

She came back with “I only vote Republican.”  I thanked her for the question and she responded by thanking me for answering. We disagreed on one issue, only one issue and that issue was whether I have a “R” at the end of my name on the ballot. A single letter separated us.  

My nephew reached out to me on Messenger to ask “Did I agree or disagree with an issue?” I answered, not to his liking and he flatly said, “I can not support you.” We spoke on one topic, one subject and that decided his non-support. I offered other topics to discuss. He decided on one topic to make up his mind.

I believe we agree with each other more than we don’t and if one issue separates us let’s dig deeper to see what brings us together. 

CIVILITY is the New Path Ahead.

5 Thoughts on “One Letter Separates Us?”

  • a bit disingenuous not to align yourself on your website left/ rirght / center…… I usually tell local politiicans all I hear is pro school and lower taxes , less crime…
    name 3 things you will try to get bills passed for ???

    • Thank you for engaging, Jules. As for politically aligning myself, I approach every policy as a separate alignment. I am considered right on some issues; I am considered left on other issues; and I am considered moderate on most issues. As for the three pillars of our campaign – 1. Economic Development – I support a thriving opportunity for tech businesses such as private space travel, cloud infrastructure, simulation, IT, gaming, hospitality in cooperation with environment preservation of our beaches, lakes and natural Florida beauty. Most people move to Florida for the weather, beaches and natural beauty; 2. Education – I support equitable choice education; 3. Mental Health – I support investing in the mental health for all Florida citizens – from identifying early childhood autism, to eliminating the mental health stigma in middle and high school, to total VET care and Senior mental care. Please reach out if you have any questions. I am civility first and foremost and solution based always.

  • You came to my home this afternoon but I was unable to get into a conversation. I appreciate your desire to return to having civil dialog with voters and not be judged on one issue…. However, it is important that voters know how you will vote on the most important laws that the current Florida legislature is enacting.

    Do you support a woman’s right to choose?

    Is there any gun restriction you support that would help ensure that the owner is mature, stable, and trained in its responsible use?

    Do you support the current efforts to control and reframe the teaching of our American history?

    Thank you.

    • Good Morning Carol.
      1. I support women’s reproductive rights. I am Pro-Choice allowing women 24 weeks to decide a course of action with the exception of the woman’s health.
      2. I support the Florida State Law of 21 age and background checks; I support the Federal law that was passed 2 months ago. I support open carry, however I do not support Constitutional Carry. I support mental health as a way of screening for potential shooters.
      3. I do not support reframing the teaching of history. I support education as a space for curious minds to be curious as well as open; teaching critical thinking. And above all, I support taking politics out of the classroom. We do not have a shortage of teachers in Florida; we have a shortage of teachers who will work in this toxic environment.
      Please reach out if I can help in anyway.

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